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For over 4 years, the team at  Rank Me Higher has helped SMBs / SMEs to increase the ranking of their websites for the keywords that drive conversions and sales. We have accomplished this by approaching each project with our in-house framework and process. We use industry leading tools to analyze multiple dimensions of the SEO process and create a detailed and bespoke strategy for each project. 

For some agencies, SEO is a guessing game – they offer multiple strategies that often cause more harm than good. We’ve seen a range of harmful practices such techniques such as spammy link profiles, over-optimized meta data, irrelevant internal linking and more. Our approach is simple, transparent and always aligned with Google’s best practices and guidelines. We support multiple industries and e-commerce websites to increase organic search traffic and convert visitors into leads or sales.

Get started with Rank Me Higher today to catapult your website’s visibility and increase organic traffic with our data driven approach to search engine marketing. 

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    Search Engine Optimization

    Our SEO agency covers everything including technical audits, keyword research, on-site changes, link building and content strategy.

    What is SEO?

    Local SEO

    63% of Google searches are for local results; let us get you found when the need arises.

    Appear on Google Maps
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    This begins with a full audit of your website followed by a detailed page-by-page strategy and implementation.

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    Not only can we optimize your website, we also create SEO friendly copy for main pages and blog articles based on data driven research.

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    Reputation Management

    Competitors can use black-hat methods to damage your reputation; we can fix that.

    Google Penalty Recovery
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    Web Analytics

    Let us look into the data and have a conversation regarding strategy and further optimization.

    Conversion Rate Optimization
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    We carefully and strategically promote your brand the right way to show Google you're an authority of your product or service.

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    Short of ideas? We can generate content ideas as well as identify upcoming topic trends that are relevant for your brand.

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    Understanding SEO

    Search engine optimization (SEO) can be confusing to understand at first, but once you come to grips with exactly what it means, the cloud of confusion is lifted. Do you remember the yellow pages? It was a gigantic book that was produced annually and delivered to every home in the country. Google is the digital yellow pages with one exception; it’s updated every minute and can provide the most relevant answers to your query in seconds. This has been received as a gift and a curse. Now businesses have very little barrier to entry and can be monetize their products relatively quickly. However, it has also opened the door to significant competition nationally and globally. No longer are you competing with the local shops in your area; your business competes with the world.


    This is where an SEO service can help. An SEO agency works with your brand and website to optimize it for the highest levels of visibility in Google's directory. There are many free tools that allow businesses to try and do it themselves, but professional support is always needed when competition is fierce. SEO has long term benefits as when Google begins to trust your website its likely to promote your pages and new products faster than your competitors. A website that adheres to Google's webmaster guidelines and is optimized to make Google understand your products or services is the best foot forward to monetizing the hard work and time spent creating your website.

    SEO freelancers are great for small projects and websites in the early stages of their development. However, if your website begins to grow in its complexity, the scope of what an SEO freelancer may be able to offer is often stretched due to the lack of resources that may be available to him/her. Freelancers also work in silos and may not necessarily have others in the field to speak to about new ideas or troubleshoot ranking issues when they arise. But, if your website is under 100 pages, an SEO freelancer might be a great fit.

    Our SEO team is compromised of SEO freelancers and full time staff with multiple years of organic search engine optimization collectively under our belts. We not only have the best practices in organic search mastered, but we also work with developers to make the necessary adjusts to your website to maximize its potential to rank well on the major search engines. We start with you, your brand and your goals. No tricks or shortcuts to success. We focus on long term sustainable actions for content creation and implement best practices for on-site optimization. We also work with our outreach team to build authoritative and relevant links to your domain. Google loves when other websites vouch for yours, but the quality and relevance of those websites matter. Take the step today and we'll audit your website for free to identify the current state and where the opportunities are for your website to gain more traffic, and ultimately more conversions. 

    What is SEO?

    Search engine optimization falls under the umbrella of digital marketing and focuses on improving your website’s ranking on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. This is done in order to help attract more visitors to your website giving you the desired traffic you need.

    A search engine optimized website is critical as a part of a company’s marketing strategy to capture leads from Google. Your potential customers have tens, hundreds, or sometimes thousands of businesses to choose from for their purchasing needs when they enter a query on Google.

    Therefore, visibility at the right time is vital when a customer’s need arises. In this fast paced city, it is less likely for the customer to look past the first page or even the first 3 results on Google’s listings. If you’re located beyond page 1 for the customer’s query, the monetary value lost has potentially dramatic implications that can make or break the business. In general, 80% of start-ups fail due to a multitude of reasons. One large factor is down to a customer not knowing these businesses existed in the first place. A prominent presence on Google should be one of the top priorities of the sole trader, small or mid-size business.

    Without an efficient SEO strategy and implementation process, websites remain undiscovered amongst the vast sea of competitors in the marketplace.

    Rank Me Higher was founded on the idea of helping brands increase their online visibility. We are not here to only optimize your website; we are focused on lifting your brand to its highest level with most effective data driven organic search strategy.

    Organic search traffic is known to yield the highest ROI all digital marketing efforts. We price our SEO services competitively for the quality of work produced. If you are completely new to the concept of search engine optimization — we walk your through the concepts until you have a baseline understanding.

    There are a number of businesses that offer search engine optimization (SEO) services. However, not all provide transparent reporting and work collaboratively with you and your company with its organizational goals in mind. Therefore, choosing the right agency is paramount for long term and sustainable organic search traffic growth.

    If you are struggling to reach your target demographic while elevating the digital presence of your business there are unique and subtle differences between the SEO services that we provide and the services you will get elsewhere.

    1. We utilise a simply but effective 1-2-3 SEO strategy.
    2. We combine a data-driven and creative approach to make your brand stand out online.
    3. We built our business on referrals and reviews. 

    Great customer service is at the core of our values. We believe in being unparalleled with regards to client satisfaction. Our team work tirelessly to ensure that you get the optimum return on your capital.

    Additionally, we provide a thorough walkthrough and implementation plan for every project that we are commissioned for.  We have the experience and resources to provide the best results for sole traders, freelancers, start-ups, or matured businesses.

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