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Depending on your product, getting great results from e-commerce SEO services can be an extremely competitive landscape. If you’re selling common products like clothing, cosmetics, or food, expect competition to be fierce and un-relentless. Employing an effective e-commerce SEO expert is absolutely critical to see results from organic traffic to your webpage.

However, if you have a niche product that does not have a high level of competition then you have a better chance of ranking well on Google for the products you’re bringing to the market. In some instances you can take both approaches — find a niche product to generate traffic while selling more general products to improve overall revenue.

As you start to market your products, you will realize your best sellers and your duds. Understanding why your best sellers are so successful will be the key to future product offerings and development. Tools like Google Webmaster will allow you to analyse your traffic and determine what keywords are funnelling customers to your page.

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    Online Shopping SEO

    Google Analytics will provide even more detail around the demographics, time of day, and source of all your traffic. SEO plays an important role here for organic results as it presents your product on the largest directory in the world; Google.

    Don’t leave your products to chance, let our team of experts research the keywords most relevant to your brand and products with strategic implementation practices to maximize results. We have affordable SEO packages that cover every platform including Shopify, Wix, SquareSpace, Amazon, eBay, and others.

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    What We Cover


    Do you sell physical products? We specialize in brand research and optimise your products and e-commerce website for the highest possible level of visibility.


    Are you service based business? Well so are we. We know the challenges you face to get in front of your clients. Contact us today for a free audit and we will get your traffic to where it needs to be.

    Wix SEO

    Struggling to see the rankings you should on your Wix website? Our team is highly experienced with this platform and know the best practices to implement.

    SquareSpace SEO

    Squarespace can produce beautiful websites but the SEO landscape can be challenging. Many themes have limitations and it can be frustrating to achieve results. We can help.


    We have strong experience with optimizing websites built on the Joomla platform. We get into the nitty gritty of the modules and templates for maximum results.

    Shopify SEO

    Is your Shopify e-commerce store up and running? Not sure what to do about SEO? We can help. Keyword research and strong experience with this platform enables us to produce some amazing results.

    Wordpress SEO

    Well our website is built on WordPress so feel confident that we know how to get the best SEO results on your WordPress website. We know the right tips and tricks to encourage Google to promote your website above the competition.

    PrestaShop SEO

    Not as user friendly as Shopify but a very powerful ecommerce platform. We know how to optimize PrestaShop websites for optimal results on Google. We work side by side with you or your developer to get your products in the homes of shoppers.