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Can potential customers find you online?

Local SEO targets customers in your business’s immediate area. Whether your business operates in a specific town or city, optimising the business to reach your closest customers capitalises on the highest potential.

Applications like Google Maps allows users to search and identify businesses that are needed at the right place at the right time. Allowing your business to become a prominent pin on a map shows the user you are a trusted business with all the relevant information needed to initiate a call or query.

With the business optimised for local SEO, expect to receive more relevant queries from locals and tourists alike. Queries that have a higher potential of converting into a sale or transaction is the goal of every business, help centre, and organisation.

Strategy is key to local SEO, therefore research is required in regards to which area to target. Areas can become saturated over time when potential is realised; finding the niche and where the gap is will propel your local SEO strategy beyond the competition.

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    Why is local SEO important for small businesses?

    Any business, big or small, needs a good digital footprint in the modern era. SEO isn’t just for the suits; it applies to everyday life, to everyday small businesses and everyday people. From small barbershops to independent coffee shops, to local greengrocers’ and city startups, ensuring your website is ranking highly on search engines is an absolute must in an ever more digital 21st century.

    Whether looking to just grow inside your local area or expand into new horizons, our local SEO services can give you that all-important boost to overtake rival businesses and improve your search rankings. Starting at just £199 per month, we can help you take your company to the next level, driving you new customers every day, building a community and growing your brand in the process.

    Local SEO services become even more vital when basing your business in London or other big cities. The capital is crammed with companies, some of which likely to be very similar to your own, and as such it is important to find a way to stand out in your marketing digitally. By getting your business onto the Google front page with our effective local SEO strategies, you ensure that customers see your company before anyone else.

    A target audience with local SEO

    An estimated 55% of nowadays people use search engines on their smartphone to find local stores and businesses in their area. Local SEO is simply an opportunity that cannot be missed.

    Local SEO gives you that all-important edge of being able to target those who are most likely to buy into your business – people in local area, the people that matter most to your business.

    By using state-of-the-art, tried and tested techniques, we can ensure that your company is consistently being shown to the right people on search engines. Selecting the perfect keywords and regularly producing engaging, well-written content, we can keep your name on the forefront of your potential customers’ minds and scale your business.

    We can then break this down into certain demographics, targeting specific social groups to ensure your business is only marketed to the very best of audiences. Gone are the days of hit and hope marketing; the future is digital, and the future is with us.

    We use only the most modern and advanced techniques and software to deliver you the best service possible; our team have years of experience behind them, driving small companies up from the ground and transforming them into recognised, local brands.

    Why is blogging important for my local company?

    Quickly becoming one of the fastest ways of scaling a business digitally and attracting users to its site, blogging has taken off once again in recent times thanks to social media’s unprecedented growth.

    Once reserved for lifestyle bloggers and people bragging about their last trip abroad, multinational companies are now hiring in-house writers to produce engaging articles for their blog. These are then shared on mediums such as Twitter and LinkedIn, creating engaging conversation in the comments sections and driving clicks to their sites.

    On a smaller scale, blogging about issued related to your area is one of the best local SEO tactics going in today’s digital world. These are articles that will likely end up on local Facebook groups and forums, being discussed and read by thousands in your local area. With your brand name stood proudly at the top of that well-written, informative piece written by us, there is certainly no better advertisement around.

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    How can we support?

    We can give you a comprehensive local SEO and digital marketing service at market-leading prices, making sure that your business is leading in the local area and getting you the best value for your money.

    Our first point of call is to perform a thorough research period of your whole site, evaluating both your site’s strengths and weaknesses to develop a holistic approach to our local SEO strategy.

    Our next step is to evaluate your competitors, studying their sites and coming together with a concrete plan on how to top them in search engine rankings. If you can’t beat them, thoroughly analyse them.

    Detailed keyword research is essential to any website, and here at Rank Me Higher it lies in our DNA. Using state-of-the-art methods and tools to find the best keywords and key phrases to include in our work, you can be certain that your site will be climbing the search engine ladder in no time.

    Content is truly king for ranking well, and therefore plays a vital role in our local SEO services. Creating blog posts for you to use across your social media and on your website, we can start conversation and engage your local community in discussion, boosting your channels in the process whilst also scaling your brand at the same time.

    To ensure continued growth over time and constant improvement, we install market-leading software onto your site to monitor its traffic and adjust our strategies where necessary.

    Dodge Google search penalties by choosing a company that really know understands what it’s doing. We know Google’s rules inside out, meaning you will never fall foul of their rules and end up penalized as a result.

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    Why choose Rank Me Higher?

    Our extensive knowledge on search engines and their algorithms is unparalleled and cannot be found anywhere else.

    Our team know how to engage with your brand, understand its culture and produce content in line with your vision for your company. We go that extra mile to listen to you and recognise your individual needs, giving you the best possible local SEO service possible.

    Engage your local community and grow your business by choose a company that knows the internet back to front, capable of growing your website and in turn scaling your business. Choose us.

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