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Are you struggling to get your website ranked higher on Google? Do you want to improve your website’s visibility, drive more organic traffic, increase sales and conversions? Look no further than our SEO services for WordPress and WooCommerce-enabled websites.

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Comprehensive SEO for WordPress

Full SEO Audit

We check each webpage for errors and provide an overall site health score. We also check existing rankings and provide a view of your backlink profile's health.

Competitor Analysis

We provide a benchmark of against similar companies and insights into their organic traffic and backlink profile.

Keyword Research

What visitors are searching for? We do the hard work of combing through hundreds of keywords and providing a strategy to align your website towards optimal results.

On-page optimisations

Technical remediations and maximising the potential of WP plugins like Yoast, Rank Math, AI SEO, etc. while implementing the best practices for your website to rank it as high as possible.


We use a safe, trusted and transparent approach to link building that improves your domain authority and rankings organically.

Internal linking

Interlinking content with the right anchor text is crucial for discoverability and indexation. We'll handle this and apply internal links where it makes sense!

Content strategy

Not sure where you need more content or what type of content to write about? Let's provide you with a strategy to support users where they are.

Website speed

No matter how optimised your site is - it won't rank well if it's slow! We'll take the necessary steps or provide guidance on how increase your WP site speed.

Easy & Transparent pricing SEO Plans for WordPress

Starter SEO Plan Scaling SEO Plan
starter seo package for small websites

Starter SEO Plan

£149.00 or Original price was: £149.00.Current price is: £134.10. / month
SEO for large website

Scaling SEO Plan

£449.00 or Original price was: £449.00.Current price is: £404.10. / month

Small websites (1-10 pages) with up to 5 landing pages

✔️ Full SEO audit

✔️ Tailored action plan

✔️ Competitor analysis

✔️ Keyword research

✔️ On-site optimisations

✔️ Relevant and powerful backlinks

✔️ Bad links removal

✔️ Google Search Console set-up

Large websites (50+ pages) with up to 20 landing pages

✔️ Full SEO audit

✔️ Tailored action plan

✔️ Competitor analysis

✔️ Keyword research

✔️ On-site optimisations

✔️ Relevant and powerful backlinks

✔️ Bad links removal

✔️ Google Search Console set-up

£149.00 or Original price was: £149.00.Current price is: £134.10. / month £449.00 or Original price was: £449.00.Current price is: £404.10. / month
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testimonials What our WordPress clients have said

Communication is top-notch. David is transparent with his work and supports all of his claims with verifiable data. Will continue to work with David and Rank Me Higher for months and months.

A key distinguishing characteristic of Rank Me Higher is their patience and willingness to explain the background of what they are doing, particularly for those who are new to SEO and website optimisation. Their communication is very comprehensive and prompt.

Perfect! Working with David has been a pleasure. He is very patient, understanding and very responsive. Had a good communication. Explains everything what I asked about SEO. Professional work. Highly recommended. I would definitely hire again.


On-site, Off-site and Technical

What is On-site SEO?​

Any optimisations completed on your website constitutes on-site SEO. It is a wide umbrella that covers the most basic elements such as the title of your page to the more complex elements such as structured data and schema. 

From the keyword research to the meta descriptions, there must be a carefully thought-out process and plan in place before implementation. Tasks can seem never-ending when it comes to optimising your website, and Google is constantly updating its algorithm. Therefore, the changes you make today that enabled you to rank number one may not work tomorrow; on-site SEO is a moving target.

What is Technical SEO?​

Technical SEO also folds into the on-site implementations as it is the work that happens behind the scenes of your website. Changing headers, titles, and implementing keywords sound relatively easy once defined, however, there are clear mandates for effective on-site optimisations.

The technical aspect also has to be taken into account for URL structures, canonicals and re-directs, etc. Amongst a vast myriad of ranking factors, Google’s spiders do not like errors, slow websites, or deprecated links. Technical SEO digs into the detail and maintains the health of your website.

What is Off-page SEO?​

Often one of the most misunderstood parts of the SEO process is backlinks. This is where if you take shortcuts, you can run into permanent issues with ranking well.

Off-page requires carefully selecting which areas of the internet you want your content marketed. Paying someone a small fee for hundreds or thousands of backlinks can be the death of your website and your brand.

Google’s relationship with your brand and website must be built on trust. Trust is gained by ethical link building which demonstrates to Google that you are providing valuable and unique content to the end user.

Think about a great product that you were recommended? Start to ask why the recommendation occurred and what was the impact of that interaction. This is the way Google calculates your brand’s popularity and where it should rank in the listings. If websites aren’t linking to URLs: products, services, or home page then Google simply won’t recognise you as an authority on the user’s search query.

Ranking well depends heavily on link building. A fully optimised on-page website will start the process of your ranking journey, but link building will put you on the first page.

How soon can I expect results?

SEO is not a quick fix – it can take time to see results depending on the competition, but the results are long-lasting. Unlike other marketing methods like PPC, the results of SEO can last for years. You can enjoy the benefits of increased visibility, improved user experience, and increased organic traffic for years to come.

SEO is an essential aspect of any successful WordPress site. By optimising your website for search engines like Google and Bing, you can increase your visibility, attract traffic, and improve your ROI through better conversions. If you haven’t already, it’s time to start investing in your organic traffic.

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