Real Estate SEO

Why Do You Need SEO?

In a modern era becoming ever more digitalised, having a solid and reliable digital footprint is essential for any business – and nowhere more does this apply than the real estate market.

With buyers and sellers alike now trading more than ever online, both in light of the current situation but also thanks to its ease of use, your business’ digital presence should be of the upmost importance – and this will only increase as time goes on. Effective SEO for real estate agents does not just boost your profits through providing more sales, but also plays a key role in long term brand growth and development.

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    Rental Property Visibility

    There are thousands of rental properties on the internet. How potential new renters find your listing will be dependent on how optimised your listings are to Google’s spider when it crawls the listing.

    Generate traffic to your website and boost your profits without ever having to lift a finger.

    An established real estate SEO strategy, implemented by market leading professionals, will consistently deliver customers to your site – all you have to do is provide the real estate to sell them. As time goes on your site, and more importantly your business, will move further up the rankings, snowballing your customer base and skyrocketing your profits.

    Property Sales Marketing

    Outrank your competitors and show your agency’s value with efficient SEO for your real estate business. Potential sellers and buyers won’t look past the first few results on Google. And why should they? Selling property requires high visibility and multiple viewings. Increase your enquires today by aligning your listings under Google’s guidelines for maximal results.

    What We Do

    With such a wide range of services included within our packages, you can be assured that your brand growth is our main priority.

    Full Audit

    A complete initial audit taking note of all areas in your site can be improved SEO wise.

    Keyword research

    Whilst we already have an exhausting list of exceptional keywords to use for real estate SEO, we can find specific terms relevant to your business and target them to guarantee brand growth.



    Putting the strategy into place, we’ll roll out your new SEO tactics incrementally for better management and immediate feedback on how your search engine ranking changes and improves.

    Competitor Analysis

    A thorough investigation into your competitors, both analysing their sites’ positives and negatives to further improve our strategy for you.

    Blog posts

    Content is key in 2020, and that’s exactly what we will deliver by creating blog posts that both drive customers to your site and engage them in conversation.


    Excellent Experience

    Putting the client first from start to finish, we can guarantee that excellent end product that reaps you rewards in the long run.

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    Why choose Rank Me Higher for your commercial real estate SEO needs?

    At Rank Me Higher we focus on you, the client, by creating a tailored, strategic approach to your real estate SEO and digital marketing needs, overdelivering at every opportunity.

    Our team of experts have the experience to deliver on an extortionate range of projects, SEO for real estate being of no exception to this rule. We understand all the ins and outs of how to present your business online to boost sales and grow your brand, guiding you through every step of the way and providing efficient, friendly communication in the process.

    Every client and their business has different needs; all cannot be treated the same when it comes to real estate SEO. We take a holistic approach to looking at your business and its unique philosophy, creating a dynamic strategy that covers all bases and leaves no stone unturned, ensuring an excellent final product.

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