Google Penalty Removal

Sudden Ranking Drop?

You may be subject to a manual penalty from Google or ”algorithmic penalty” due to elements on your website. Fixing your reputation on Google can be a simple fix or a very complicated task. Depending on the severity the fix may vary over a few days or a few months. If you have not done anything that would have resulted in a penalty, you could be the victim of black hat SEO, which is designed to sabotage your rankings.

Google penalty

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    What is a Google Penalty?

    Frequent questions and answers

    Website penalized by Google and struggling to attract new visitors? Absolutely no worries. Our comprehensive Google penalty removal service can get you back up the rankings soon, un-tarnishing your business and pulling visitors back to your site.

    With years of experience in winning disputes and returning sites to their former glory, our team and their Google penalty removal service can have you back up and running in no time. We have the skills and knowledge to identify all sorts of issues, both then correcting the problem, but also liaising with you to avoid any further penalties.

    Why would I need a Google Penalty Removal?

    Typically manually applied by moderators, but also sometimes algorithmic, a search engine penalty will typically simply pull you down the rankings and take you from the front page for certain key phrases. In the worst-case scenarios, however, your site may be taken from the search engine completely. If not dealt with quickly, this can have a long-lasting impact on your digital footprint and, subsequently, your business.

    But these penalties will normally only be a short term set back and can in almost all cases be fixed within a short period of time. As part of our Google penalty removal service we perform extensive research into the background of the issue, both searching for any problems on your site, but also undertaking a full backlink audit to search for any connected sites that may be causing violations.

    It may be a long-drawn, difficult process to complete alone, but instead choosing an ace team like ours that brings bags of experience to the table you will be back on the rankings in no time.

    Why has my site been penalized?

    Sites are penalized when they fall foul of Google’s regulations, typically due to their content not meeting guidelines or for SEO malpractice. That’s why you need SEO experts in if you want to take your business to the next level.

    It is not uncommon for completely innocent sites to be hit with penalties; this is typically because they are back-linked to others that have been blacklisted. Some will occasionally be victims of co-ordinated attacks, aimed to destroy a business’ reputation and bring them down the rankings.

    Being penalized can be a stressful time for businesses of any size in the 21st century, many of which reliant on search engine traffic for new customers. This is where our Google penalty removal service steps in, getting you back off the ground and onto the front page.

    How do I know my site has been penalized?

    The most common way, a manual penalty, will appear as a notification on your Google Search Console; in all other cases, typically algorithmic, it becomes obvious when comparing organic web traffic to a previous point in time and noticing a signficant reduction.

    Google is consistently updating both their algorithm and policies; as such, it is vital that your website adheres to these, keeping in line with any rule and regulation changes to avoid falling foul of the law and facing a penalty. Ensure your site is kept up to date by SEO professionals to avoid ever being penalized for an innocent mistake.

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