How We Work

The 1-2-3 Approach

SEO Analysis


Every good outcome begins with a good plan and strategy. To begin this process, we first start with an analysis of the current state of your SEO compliance and implementation. This could range from a brand-new website – with no SEO work done, or a website that has been operated on by a numerous amount of SEO freelancers or teams.

An in-depth audit is performed with multiple tools like Screaming Frog, Google Search Console, etc. to paint the picture of where your website’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities lie. Common and uncommon technical issues are identified, which then fall into a list of action plan items that gathers momentum under the umbrella of your new SEO strategy. Keyword research is also performed in this stage along with competitor analysis as a larger part of the overarching strategy.


Each webpage on your website has a purpose and will target an audience. Websites are thematic, just as are books in a library. What is your website about and who do you want to reach? What product or what type of products are you selling? The strategy and planning strategy stage is primarily around the discovery of your business and translating that into a web presence that reaches your intended customers.

Approaching the business from its fundamentals and its mission is the best approach to cascade towards your SEO strategy. Our SEO strategy professionals will analyse the audits and through a collaborative process determine the plan for your business over the course the months needed to transform your online presence.

Strategy for SEO
SEO experts working


This is where all the magic happens. After all the audits, analysis, conversations, and feedback – the stage for implementation occurs according to the developed plan. Multiple areas of the website are worked on at once, creating synergy and propelling your rankings upwards.

We adhere to Google’s Webmaster guidelines as a framework for making changes to your website to ensure maximal compliance. All of our actions are justified and based on guidelines; not theory, opinion, or gimmicks. With this approach, the results produced are of the highest and most sustainable quality outcomes.

The Timeline

We discuss your brand and the personas of your customers. We go through a series of questions to identify goals and agreed outcomes.


Your requirements

Week 1

Audit and Research

Competitive analysis completed along with a complete SEO strategy for your brand. We have a conversation to review and discuss next steps.

We implement the plan discussed across your website while building your brand's popularity on the internet. Multiple teams are involved as we execute the deliverables operating under an Agile workflow.

Weeks 2-3


Week 3-4

Monitoring and Review

We review progress made and actions implemented. We provide next steps and discuss potential on-going SEO for your brand.

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