Conversion Rate Optimization

Google provides two very powerful tools to aid your website with increasing organic traffic from its directory: Google Analytics and Google Search Console. 

CRO & CTR Explained Why is your Conversion Rate Important?

To begin, the purpose of Conversion Rate optimization (CRO) is to increase the amount of clicks your search engine listing receives based on its placement in the search engine’s listings. Another term called click through rate (CTR), measures the amount of times a user saw your listing in Google, but choose not to visit your website. Therefore, the purpose of CRO is to improve your CTR .  

The method to calculate this is based on impressions and the actual number of clicks as represented in Google Search Console. Impressions are the number of views the listing received in Google and the clicks are how many times a user clicked on that listing. If your listing had 100 views and only 10 clicks, that would equate to a CTR of 10% (100/10). The goal of CRO is to increase the CTR as much as possible by optimizing the copy of your meta data. Meta titles and meta descriptions are the call to actions from the search engine’s pages to entice users to visit your website. This is an integral part of any SEO company’s strategy to increase organic traffic and drive new users to the website based on the targeted keywords. 

Web Analytics

google search console

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a well known tool used to monitor the traffic on your website. It has easily become the go-to tool for monitoring the origin of traffic. It is the first tool that needs to be set-up if you are looking to understand how to increase traffic and optimize your sales funnel. 

Google Search Console

Google Search Console’s platform pertains to the relationship with your website and its interaction with Google’s crawler. It will show you the pages that are indexed as well as ranking data for keywords. It will also allow you to tell Google when you have published a new webpage or uploaded new content that you would like to be ranked for. 

These two platforms are provided for free by Google and can be used for beginner level analysis as well as granular data analysis. 

google search console and analytics

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